About Us

Fav-g provides premium washing and dry cleaning service leveraging mobile based technology. We pick up your dirty duds from your home and deliver fresh, clean clothes back at your doorstep.

The service is too good and also in affordable price. we are pick and drop your clothes and provide you with clean and fresh clothes on time at your door . we provide this service in local areas like chittaranjan, rupnarayanpur mihijam and so on. Fav-g has the Best setup with modern equipments to dry clean your clothes. The laundry is done with antiseptic wash, fabric softener and hygienic detergents. Try our dry cleaning service to get better service on time.

Fav-g the online dry cleaning service is one of the best online laundry sevice. Try fav-g by scheduling the pickup and get your laundry and dry clean at the top of the botom. We also doing dry cleaning carpet ,sofa cover etc dry cleaning.


We are professional demand online garment care. We care your cloths and all household products by dry cleaning and laundry treatment. We understand your busy life and hence provides service in your doorsteps. 

Our dry cleaning service with a performance approach solid consumer reach, our dynamic process catering to the ever changing demands to our consumers. 

We have did individually packaged to protect against dust, light and mildew. Fav-g is quick, efficient and cost effective online dry cleaning service.